Awesome Note
Note and Scheduling as one.

Note everything from simple note

to daily, journey, business and studies.

Whenever and where ever, simply open your Awesome Note and write down any incoming ideas, make daily journals, use it for studies and create something professional to help with your business.
With voice memo and drawings, note taking has never been easier.
Change note list viewing and organize your notes the way you like it.
Change folder viewing to organize your notes to it’s characteristics.

Into the world of notes!

Awesome Note is not just for note taking only.
Experience beyond the ordinary.

Attach anything to your notes.
from photo, voice, drawing, map, weather to your emotions!

Add as many as photos you like, record whatever you want to include or add a cool drawing to your notes.
You can also attach the map or weather of you current location.

Not just any note, it’s a diary note!

When creating a diary or journey notes, make it more special by attaching today’s weather, map of your location and emotions.

Add an alarm to your note and it’s a to-do note!

For the things you should not forget, set a deadline and receive notifications. Check off when the task is completed!

Remember birthdays and anniversaries.

Make an anniversary note and put in a special date to manage all the birthdays and anniversaries with automatic count downs for you to never forget.

Format comes to life!
More luxurious note.

Add a format to your note and make it beautiful.
Change the font and size, simply add a check list in the notes.

More organized

but personalized folders.

You can organize your notes into different themes and it’s purposes such as photo album, shopping list, recipe, journey note and secret diary.
Group the folders according to it’s themes and change the folder icons to it’s colors.

Manage your

iOS Reminders and Calendars with Awesome Note.

Awesome note can be synced to iOS Calendar and reminder to manage your schedules in one.
Natural language will help you create schedules more fast and easy.
Set an alarm for important schedules so you’ll never forget anything.

Use natural language
create schedules fast and easy.

Natural language will help you create schedules more fast and easy, set an alarm for important schedules and never forget them.

Use Awesome Note on every device everyday.

Use on iPhone and iPad at the same time.

Sync through iCloud or Evernote to use Awesome Note on your iPhone and iPad at the same time.
Create a backup file and store it to your PC for a safe keeping.

Edit notes on your PC using Evernote.

Sync with Evernote to edit notes on web page or use Awesome Note on your Mac PC.
Go to >

Use Apple watch

note with your voice and check schedules.

Use Awesome Note more easily with it’s features.

Today widget

Notification center will show today’s schedules without the need to access the app.

Go wider with Landscape mode

Take notes on wider screen.
Landscape mode is possible on all the screens.

Spotlight Search

Use spotlight to easily search the note you made without the need to access the app.

3D Touch

Touch on the home screen to immediately create a new note or take a short Peek at the note before opening.

Touch ID and passcode

Lock the app it self or only the folders you wish to have kept secured with passcode and touch ID.

Share and print notes

You can print notes or export them out to Message, E-mail, iOS memo or Evernote. Also use AirDrop to share your notes.

Internet access not necessary

Internet connection is not necessary when taking notes. Signing in is not required nor needed.

Express your own style!

You can change the main screen’s background, use various different colors for folders, pick amongst hundreds of unique icons and many note backgrounds to complete decorating according to your own personal style.