Please refer to the list of troubleshooting below to help address your problem.

· Basically, Awesome Note is optimal in writing a short article as it is a note taking application.
· It can be difficult to deal with a lengthy document like eBook Reader.
· It is likely to cause errors when you write and transfer an article with a large amount.

I have a Syncing Problem

Errors while syncing

Syncing problems arise mainly due to unstable Wi-Fi connection rather than the app itself.

  • • Can’t sign in to Google Docs account. It says “Invalid ID or Password”
  • • Get the error message saying "The operation couldn't be completed.”
  • • Suddenly halts while syncing
  • • Unknown error occurs

When error occurs while syncing with Google Docs/Evernote, the following steps should be checked. These listed problems might occur after making an upgrade.

  1. Make sure your device is connected to Wi-Fi or 3G and retry.
  2. When you have constant log-in error, log into Google Docs with web browser.
  3. In case of irregular errors, unstable 3G and WiFi connections might be the reason.
  4. In case of irregular errors, it might be due to overcapacity of Google Docs server.
    Basically, Google Docs is offered with a beta service and it is unstable from time to time.
  5. When trying to import & export your notes with Google Docs and if only the import does not work, open up a new account in Google Docs and try again.
  6. When you get the error message saying "The operation couldn't be completed.”
    This message is likely to appear when you insert special characters on notes. Please try to export notes individually to check if it is a temporary error. Copy the text of the notes before deleting notes. Then, paste the text back.

We strongly recommend you to backup your data regularly.
Regular syncing with iTunes makes you backup & restore the data easily.
See more about iTunes Syncing

Can’t Transmit Files

  1. Awesome Note only supports Document formats (DOC, TXT, RTF) and other files such as PDF, XML, CSV, ODS, ODT, HTML file formats cannot be supported so they do not sync.
  2. Check out the size of file attached. Google Docs limits size up to 1MB when syncing with images and contents.

Be aware that inserting too many images in a note may cause Sync interruption due to overcapacity.
You can also set the quality of the image that you are about to upload. See How to set Image Quality

My notes are being duplicated


Restoring a Backup file before using the Sync feature will cause Awesome Note to duplicate your notes. This happens when the Backup file contains no history of past Sync, Therefore causing Awesome Note to create duplicates regardless of the identical note names. To Awesome Note, they are two different notes.


Syncing will work properly after erasing and arranging the duplicated notes.

If you hope to perfectly sync your Awesome Note in iPhone & iPad, go through the following steps.

  • Step 1Relocate every note data to your Awesome Note in iPhone.
  • Step 2Erase all folders and notes in you Awesome Note for iPad.
  • Step 3Log into Google Docs or Evernote, and erase all Awesome Note folders and data
  • Step 4Start Syncing from iPhone to Google Docs/Evernote
  • Step 5Sync again from iPhone to Google Docs/Evernote

After ongoing the steps above, the next time you need to do is quite simple.
Just repeat step 4, 5 or Vice Versa to keep your notes exactly the same in both devices.

x See Perfectly Syncing iPhone and iPad


If you are using Sync, leave the Backup data sorely for its purpose.
If you are not using the Sync feature, data for iPhone & iPad can be transferred through the Backup & Restore feature.

I have a Backup Problem

Can’t read the Backup file in Computer

Backup file saved into desktop with the extension (.anb) can’t be read separately. It stores all information about notes, folders and themes. This is an unreadable text when you try to open in Text Viewer. This will be read properly once you Restore this Backup to Awesome Note.

Set aside Backup notes only for the purpose of keeping your notes safe. Do not use both features interchangeably. It will mix up & duplicate your notes.

If you wish to open up and edit in computer, do it in Google Docs or Evernote and Sync to Awesome Note.

Can’t Restore Backup file

There are cases when a Backup file doesn’t get Restored. This might happen when the file get damaged due to unknown reason.

In this case, it is hard to find out the exact cause, thus making it hard to Restore back.
This is a rare case, but to prevent getting your Backup file damaged, have your files Backed-up regularly.

I have a problem with my App

Troubleshooting unexpected quits, freezes, or launch issues

  • • App doesn’t respond / App suddenly halts
  • • App doesn’t seem to work well after update

If your application seems to be working weirdly, refer to the steps below.

Step 1Quit your application in the Multi-Tasking Board

Turn iPhone/iPod touch/iPad off completely and turn it on.

  1. Double-tap the Home button to display recent apps in the Home screen
  2. Tap and hold the affected app until the red minus appears
  3. Tap the red minus to quit the app.

Step 2Restart or Reset your device

Quit the applications that are running, and execute the application again.

  1. Hold the Sleep/Wake button until ‘slide to power off’ appears.
  2. Slide to power off your device.
  3. When it is off, press the Sleep/Wake button to turn it back on.

No data will be deleted. If this solves your issue, you have made it.
See more about Turning On/Off and Reset

Step 3Check for app updates

Check out if your Awesome Note is the latest version.
You can see update information in our website.

Settings > Help & Support

Ensure that your apps are up to date:

  1. Open the App Store and tap Updates. If updates are available, tap Update All.
  2. When prompted, enter your iTunes Store account information. App Store will then download and install the application updates.

Step 4iTunes Restoring

If the problem continues, try restoring from iTunes.
See more about iTunes Restore.

Step 5Reinstall the app

If the app does not work as you have expected, you may need to reinstall Awesome Note.

Data will be deleted. Be sure to backup your data if possible.

  1. Backup your Awesome Note data. See How to Backup & Restore
  2. Remove the app from your device.
  3. Go to the App Store and search for the app and then download it again.

Once you have purchased the application, you can download it again without extra charge.
See How to Restore Data

I Lost my Data

There are times when you have a problem with the device, or getting all your data lost for unknown reasons.


If you have lost only the data, you can restore it back by the following three methods.
See How to Restore Data

1. Restore data from iTunes

If you seem to have a problem with the device, first execute iTunes Restore.
iTunes makes an automatic backup of all your data when plugging in your device with the computer.
To recover all the data to the previous condition, simply perform iTunes Restore feature.

See more about iTunes Restore

2. Restore data from Google Docs or Evernote

If you are using Sync, backup through it.
After reinstalling your Awesome Note and erasing every folders/notes, try syncing it with Google Docs or Evernote. The Sync will work perfectly fine.

See How to Sync

Note: Be aware that Restoring a Backup file before Sync will duplicate your notes. In case you are a sync user, its better to bring back your data by Sync.

3. Restore data from the Backup file

If you are not using the Sync feature, you can open up your Backup file by restoring it to Awesome Note.

Awesome Note provides two Backup methods.

  1. iTunes File Sharing
  2. Wi-Fi Backup

See How to Backup & Restore


Presume you have deleted the data in your device and you are about to Sync with Google Docs/Evernote where you have all your data stored. In this case, make sure to press the ‘Reset Sync Information’ button before you sync. Pressing this button will reset your past sync information. Skipping this and proceeding with the sync will erase the data stored in your Google Docs/Evernote.

I forgot my passcode

If you have not set your Google Docs account previously, then the only way left is to erase your Awesome Note and reinstall it.

In case you forget your passcode
Add your Google Docs account in Settings after setting your initial passcode.
Settings > Sync & Transfer (Google Docs) > Sign in
By adding an account, you will be able to retrieve your passcode from Google Docs in case you forget it.
Awesome Note will ask whether you have forgotten your passcode once you fail to enter it 3 times.

1. If you previously added your Google account,

then Awesome Note will send the passcode to Google Docs for you to find out.

  1. Type-in the wrong passcode 3 times.
  2. Then, a message will appear asking whether you have forgot your passcode.
  3. Click the message ‘Forgot your passcode?’ and a window will appear whether you will receive your passcode through Google Docs. Click 'Yes'.
  4. By visiting and signing in, you’ll be able to check out your passcode.

2. If you have not set your Google Docs account previously,

then the only way left is to erase your Awesome Note and reinstall it.

Reinstall the app
Data will be deleted. Be sure to backup your data if possible.
  1. Backup your Awesome Note data. See How to Backup & Restore
  2. Remove the app from your device.
  3. Go to the App Store and search for the app and then download it again.

Once you have purchased the application, you can download it again without extra charge.

See How to Restore Data


I want to get refund.

You have to contact iTunes Support Team to inquire about any issues related to app purchases. You should also direct your queries in regard to your iTunes account, purchase history and assorted matters to them. Here is the link for you to start

I got over-charged.

All updates are free of charge. Please check the following.

• Being charged 0.99$ during update is a virtual purchase of Apple just to check the validity of your credit card. It is irrelevant with actual purchase and It will be automatically cancelled within few days.

• Reinstalling the application is also free of charge. If you have been over-charged, you must have logged onto a different account and purchased the application.

My alarm does not seem to be working properly after iOS update.

After the major iOS5 update, all the system settings go back to default which means that app’s notification is set off. To turn this back on, you need to go to Settings >> Notifications >> aNote >> slide badge and sounds to ON.

Awesome Note supports Audible alarm, which can be used in iPhone / iPod iOS4 version.

  1. Check whether the OS of device is iOS4.
    Settings > General > About > Version
  2. Update your device to version 4.0.
    To get free iOS 4 Software Update, Click here.

However, the first generation of iPod Touch cannot be updated so they do not support the alarm function.

Data gets erased after sync

Synchronization is characterized to keep the newest notes between web server or computer and your aNote on iPhone/iPad that if you delete all your notes on web server and try sync in an attempt to retrieve the lost data, what will happen is instead of restoring, loss of all the notes on your aNote, since the LATEST change applied was deletion of the notes.

To retrieve the lost data, you need to restore. Refer to Lost my data in troubleshooting.

See other problems

Can’t see the repeating To-dos in the Calendar View

Basically, repeating tasks do not show every time on calendar or in note lists. Even if you open up a diary, it will not be shown every time. Repeating function shows you the next To-do when the To-do or the schedule is complete. Finished schedules or overdue To-dos will automatically be displayed with the next schedule. When today's tasks are through, it automatically moves on to next To-dos.