Organize Your Life

Awesome note has variety of different types of notes
that supported to organize and allows you to use folders to manage all the notes.

Available only for the Galaxy Note 8.0
Sliding Interface
Simply slide through folders and notes. Stop switching screens to get back to previous screen. Moreover, Portrait/Landscape mode will both suit your view easier.
Drag & Drop
Wish to relocate your note to a different folder? Or How about instantly changing the Due date & Status by dragging the task into To-do tab. Drag & Drop feature will help you.
Colored Themes
Capable of designating default style with 3 luxurious main themes. Create your own folder with unique icons and colored folders.

Enhanced User Interface, Enhanced Variations

Various list views such as (list, To-do, diary, photo, detail, thumbnail view) helps you to organize note. Allows you to view the calendar on each of every folders and folder in a variety of uses such as - daily diary, albums, travel journal, checklists and anniversary notes -

Awesome Note Screen Shot
Awesome Note Screen Shot

Diverse View, Powerful Organizer

Diverse note list screens(List view, To-do view, Diary view, Photo view, Thumbnail view, Detail view) help you to manage note-taking a lot better.
Calendar view can be seen in any type of screen modes. Utilize each folder into different usages. Daily diary, journal Photo album, Travel Diary, Check list, Shopping list, To-do list and Anniversary manager are some examples we give you.
The rest? It depends on your creativity.

  • Calendar View
  • Various List View
  • Quick Add
  • Edit note list
  • Search / Sort

Integration of
Notes and To-dos

You can check tasks that you need to finish in your note with the easiest way possible. You can either set a due date or make your tasks to repeat automatically. Use them as your To-do checklist.

  • Quickly add tasks
  • Drag & Drop
  • Due Date
  • Repeating tasks
  • Alarm Notification
  • Status
Awesome Note Screen Shot

Anniversary Note, Diary Note

Anniversary note shows D-Days left until your anniversary. You can set alarm and remember the day. In Diary Note, you can set how the weather was and what you felt.

  • D-Day
  • Weather / Feeling
Awesome Note Screen Shot

Handy Drawing Feature

Quick Memo serves you a convenient Drawing experience. You can attach Drawing into notes or Draw on your maps.

Awesome Note Screen Shot

Quick & Fast Note writing

Writing is fun in a much wider screen.
You can attach multiple photos, location, drawings and E-mail those objects or have it printed right at the spot using AirPrint feature.

  • Note Type Selection
  • Attach Photos
  • Attach Location
  • Attach Drawing
  • Priorities
  • Tags
  • Clickable Links
  • AirPrint
  • E-mail/SMS
  • Bullet
  • Undo/Redo button
  • Backgrounds & Fonts
  • Write notes offline

Awesome themes

Awesome Note is completely customizable and has a beautiful interface.
You can create your own folders and notes with unique with unique themes or backgrounds that have colorful folders & icons. It also allows you to change the font & font size for each note quickly and easily.

Awesome Note Screen Shot

Backup & Restore

Our multiple Backup functions will help you to Keep you data safe and clear.

  • Backup and Restore via USB and over Wi-Fi
Awesome Note Screen Shot