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· Basically, Awesome Note is optimal in writing a short article as it is a note taking application.
· It can be difficult to deal with a lengthy document like eBook Reader.
· It is likely to cause errors when you write and transfer an article with a large amount.

Can't Backup

Lost my data

Frequently Asked Question(FAQ)

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Awesome Note?

Main features in Awesome Note

Why is it worth using Awesome Note ?

Basic Questions

Awesome Note is available on which Android devices?

Available on the Samsung Apps or Google Play Store?

Am I able to create a note without an internet connection?

Does Awesome Note provide landscape mode?

Does Awesome Note support languages globally ?

How can I keep my Awesome Note secure?

Is Awesome Note can be return to default?

Working with Notes

How many notes am I able to create ?

Can I use Notes and To-do interchangeably?

How many images and locations am I able to attach?

How can I set the default background in each folder?

I want to be linked to a direct web page after entering the web address

How do I print my notes?


Am I able to sync with Google Calendar?

Why only the Event are appears at Android Google Calendar?

Back up and Restoring

What options are there for data backup and restoration?

How can I retrieve my data from back up?