Organize folders

  • Sort your notes into folders to organize.
    Folders can also be grouped according to it's themes.
    Tap Edit Folder List on your right upper corner of the home screen to create a folder and to edit folder list.

    Create a new folder. Tap to create a new folder. The following settings can be customized.

    • Folder Name/Icon/Color : Customize the folder's name, icon and color of your choice.
    • New note's type : Choose amongst text note, to-do note, diary note and anniversary note for newly created notes' type from the folder.
    • New note's Background/Font : Choose the background and font for newly created notes from the folder.
    • Set as a Default or to-do folder : When set as a default folder, newly created notes from home screen and/or from all notes will automatically be saved to it. Set as a to-do folder and newly created to-do notes from home screen and/or to-do screen will automatically be saved to it.
    • Passcode Lock : Folders can be locked individually. If the 'passcode lock' is activated from the Awesome Note Settings, folder passcode will also be the same.
    • Sync this folder : Decide which folder to sync. To activate folder syncing, go to Settings > Sync this.

    Organize folders into groups. You can organize the folders into groups of your choice. Tap 'Add group divider' at the bottom of the edit folder list to create a new group.

    Delete folder. To delete a folder, tap '-' on the left side of the folder's name and choose between 'delete only the folder' and 'delete all included notes and the folder'. When deleting only the folder, included notes will be moved to default folder.

    Move multiple notes into a folder. Choose a folder which the notes are included or go to All Notes menu and tap Edit to modify the note list. There you can move or delete multiple notes that's been chosen.