Creative diary note

  • Diary note is suitable to write down your daily diary or use it as a trip journal.
    Diary note is similar to regular note but with automatically updated features of current location's map, it's weather and the date. You can choose to remove the unnecessary information among the three.

    Create a diary folder. Setting every new note within the folder to be created as a diary note also setting the viewing mode as thumbnail view or photo view is highly recommended for an appropriate usage of a diary folder.

    • Go to Folder Settings > Folder to set the type as a diary note
    • Tab Option and set the viewing mode as diary view, thumbnail view or photo view.
  • Create a diary note. Create a new note, tap Attach at the bottom of the screen then tap Diary note. It will automatically show current date and location. If wish to write about the past you can choose a certain date, weather and location.