Create a to-do note

  • Creative various to-do folders for different usages such as checklist, shopping list, to-do list, etc.
    Due date can be set for to-do notes and for important to-dos, you can set up an alarm as a reminder.

    Create a to-do folder. Setting every new note within the folder to be created as a to-do note also setting the viewing mode as a to-do view is highly recommended for an appropriate usage of a to-do folder.

    • Go to Folder Settings > Folder to set the type as a to-do note.
    • Tab Option and set the viewing mode as to-do view or list view.
  • Create a to-do note. Ccreate a new note, tap at the bottom of the screen then tap . Set the due date to finish creating a to-do note.

    • Set a due date.
    • Set an alarm/Repeat cycle.
    • Set a progress status.