Write/edit note

  • Attachment. Tap on the bottom to attach the followings into the note. After attaching, tap the attachment to simply edit the context.

    • Take new photos or attach the existing photos.
    • Attach the voice recording.
    • Attach the drawing.
    • Display current location's whether to the note.
    • Display current location's map to the note.
    • Set a due date and create a to-do note.
    • Create a diary note.
    • Create a anniversary note.

    Make a check list within the note. Open keyboard and tap Checklist to make a checklist.

    Modify note settings. Tap Information at the bottom to open a Note Settings to modify the following

    • Tap ‘Add Tag’ to add the tag of your own and to manage tag history.
    • Make a clickable link. activate read only mode to make phone numbers, web and map addresses into a clickable link.
    • Change the note background and front.
    • Delete note.

    Share note. Tap Export at the bottom to share the note as following

    • Send out notes to Message, Email, iOS Notes or share with apps such as Twitter or Facebook.
    • You can copy and print the notes.
    • With same Wi-Fi connection notes can be transferred to other Apple devices through AirDrop.