Manage to-do/schedule

  • On to-do screen you can manage all event, schedule and note with due dates at once.
    Sync with iOS reminder and calendar with to-do note to manage all tasks and schedules.

    Natural languages. On to-do screen's input field , create a quick schedule such as 'grocery Shopping at 2PM' and automatic recognition will conveniently find the time in a context and set the schedule for you.

    The following three types of schedules are possible:

    • : Create to-do note
    • : Create event
    • : Create iOS reminder

    Try as the following examples:
    ex1) Shopping tomorrow 2 pm
    ex2) Friday 3 - 7 attend a ceremony
    ex3) March 14 meeting

    Info : If reminder is not visible on to-do screen, go to iPhone/iPad Settings > Privacy > Calendars , then turn on aNote.