Privacy Policy

The Awesome Note Privacy Policy was updated on Nov 17, 2018.

Your privacy is important to Awesome Note so we’ve developed a Privacy Policy that covers how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your personal information. In addition to this Privacy Policy, we provide data and privacy information imbedded in our products for certain features that ask to use your personal information. You can review this information before enabling these features, in Settings related to those features or online at

Collection and Use of Personal Information

Awesome Note does not collect your personal information.
However, when the user contacts the customer center due to an app crash or an error, it will include the running information of the app.
The app log information is a record of the information that the app is running, not your personal information.

This is stored in Microsoft HockeySDK, which is our 3rd service, not our service. Please refer to the following link for privacy policy of HockeySDK.

Data collected for the Crash Reporting features

HockeySDK for iOS, OS X and tvOS collects the following non-personal data:

• Bundle identifier, bundle version, and short bundle version string of your app.

• Device type, CPU architecture, and version of the operating system.

• Timestamp when the crash happened.

• A generated UUID to prevent duplicate crash reports.

• If an exception was thrown, the plain-text class name and message value of the exception.

• Low level crash data like instruction pointer, method or function names, signal data, pointer registers, and information about the loaded binary images.

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