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Smart Schedule Input

Quickly input simple events with natural language processing.

The app recognizes and inputs important information like event titles, dates, times, locations, and attendees into the appropriate format. It makes schedule input even more convenient. You can easily change the time of existing events with drag and drop.

Timesurf app enables effortless switching between monthly, weekly, and daily views, thanks to its intuitive UI. Plus, the schedule can be instantly checked and edited in any view mode, making it easy to stay on top of plans.

See all your schedules

at a glance!

Simplify your schedule, surf the timeline

The horizontal timeline in Timesurf extends infinitely and maintains a consistent UI across all views.


Surfing the timeline allows for easy visualization of your schedule's flow and efficient time management by avoiding busy periods. Additionally, events can be easily rescheduled to any date and time by dragging and dropping

With Timesurf Calendar,

staying organized and on top of my schedule has never been easier.

Experience a simpler and more organized daily life

with Timesurf Calendar,

the perfect solution for all your scheduling needs.


With its intuitive UI, flexible view modes, and powerful scheduling tools, TimeSurf helps you effortlessly manage your busy life. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to simplicity with Timesurf - the ultimate solution for streamlined scheduling.

Intuitive selection of date and time

Easily choose dates on the calendar and select start and end times with ease.

Visually enhanced
event details

Add, edit alerts, repeats, locations, links, and notes with ease on the visually appealing event details page.


Experience the power of intuitive design with Timesurf

Time setting
Time change
Date change
Just drag 
and drop
Separate your work and personal life with calendar groups

Organize your calendar into groups to easily view and manage your schedules at home and work separately.

Surf your timeline,

Simplify your life

Zoom in on monthly view with two-finger pinch gesture

Customizable date and number size adjustment

More Features

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